feedee blog here. i post whatever i like, food, bellies, e.c.t. have a question? just ask me. enjoy (:

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Wait, you never bring feederism into your relationships??? Why not?!

i would more like to focus on loving each other for who they are, and i think that if i dated someone who would be a fa they would see me as more of a feedish then a person.

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Part 3. as we let your belly rest and settle you take off your pants as i rub them down letting you calm your belly down preparing it for more greasy delicious food to pass through your voluptuous lips.

how would you play with my belly? (;

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part 2. as you eat more and more i rub more on your ever expanding belly, kissing the back of your neck. feeling my hands glide across your love handles getting a even layer of cocoa butter into every fold of your soft skin letting you eat until the button on your pants inevitably pops and flies across the room releasing the flood gate of belly down your chubby legs

my belly is so plump and big… id eat everything in sight until i was suffed to the max

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id say these are ready to pop wouldnt you? tease me on how much of a plump little piggy im becoming (;

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I really want to rub your belly in cocoa butter as you eat till your heart and belly content

tell me more…

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Saw this somewhere else and felt the need to post it cause no one else ever really tells you this stuff

My mom never really noticed. She noticed when she was breast feeding my little brother and blood started coming out instead of milk. 

My mom said she felt and saw a little lump in the shower. She was lucky enough she found it at stage 2

My mom had a mammogram. The radiologist thought the spots were just regular calcium deposits. 

Turns out it was triple negative breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nods. Mastectomy, radiation and chemo saved her life.

This could SAVE a life.

dont be embarrassed to reblog, this post could be life saving

Signal BOOST and pass it on. I had a breast cancer scare before (luckily it was just scar tissue…) and information like this kept me calm and collected at the doc’s.

As a cancer patient myself, who found my own cancer through a supposed LARPing injury last year, i know how scary it is and how important it is to catch it early. Please spread this around!

listen to ur boobs

its all in the boobs


Always reblog! 



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Will you make videos again eventually?

no, because some people tried to steal them and pretend to be me.

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Would you ever give away your location? Or at least vague area? ;) I'd love to meet if you're near me...

no, i prefer to keep all my personal details closed. this account is only for fun, or when im bored. i will never take feederism into my real life releatioships.

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You're getting nice and chubby now huh. I can't wait to see you pop more buttons and continue to grow chubbier and chubbier

i cant wait either (; im already so plump and round though…

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What you been up to lately piglet?

stuffing and popping buttons (:

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